mycie okien wrocław

Peter got out of bed, walked over to her and hugged tightly.
- Rita. I already told you. I know I do not live to see tomorrow. But this is how I die, I can change the view of the world hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions. If you see this, you may finally understand that it is not in the world wanted to live …
- So you spare your family? Can you spare me? – She sobbed hysterically.
He shook it and looked straight into his eyes. Serious.
- For this I will never let.
He looked at the teacher.
- Mr. Cross. I’ll need twelve trustworthy people who like me want to change …
- Are you sure that only twelve? – Asked the teacher immediately. – These people are more than you think.
Peter hesitated.
- Do not. Only twelve … and properly. – For a moment he seemed to be heavily considered a difficult case, after a while, but beamed. – Eleven. Besides them, please send me Gabriel Lum.
Mr patch and Rita stared at Peter.
- Lum? – Asked incredulously. – After all the smelly kid priest and nun stuck in the shit of the current system. And with delight dabbles in it! Betray you … – Suddenly, as if he realized something. – Sure … That’s what you want. Punk denounce someone in high office and the case goes to the media!
- Piotr please. – Rita arm clutching the boy. – Do not do this …
Tenderly stroked her dark hair.
- I’m sorry Rita, you’ll also need to ask for help. You will be together with others proclaim my words. And now … – turned to the teacher. – Mr. Cross, please go to the Gabriel and please send to me by Mr. selected mycie okien wrocław students. Gabriel has to visit me first. Needs.
- Good. – He left already out of the office when he turned and said. – I hope you succeed. I’ve had enough of this lousy system. – He is menacingly completely mismatched to his words. Peter and Rita knew, however, that Cross took a facial expression only in order to deceive the people watching them. The walls had ears, but they were clear …
The door slowly closed behind Mr. Cross. Peter thought he heard a man adds something else, muffled voice full of deep regret.
- I’m sick of this system … but I do not have the courage .