Pranie dywanów wrocław

t’s been ten years since governments around the world odarły us privacy. For over ten years we have been forced to live in glass houses … Any equipment, every item in our homes is transparent. The TV can be seen every cable, every screw. Every day around the globe all patrols roam the streets of the world special services. Armed with dogs. Any such signs of privacy, autonomy and arbitrariness. All their forms and manifestations thereof will be considered an act of terrorism. Such measures have been taken, however, not without reason.
Waves genuine terrorist attacks flooded the entire planet. This was due to a new substance, Zamerii which have been already in the home. After a series of attacks, the authorities decided. Anyone can be a terrorist. Anyone can produce and use Zamerii to own unexpected purposes. We all become suspects. All hell broke loose. The first one went groups, who believed in the rightness of terrorism. Machine guns, grenades, missiles and nuclear bombs swept from the face of the earth any existing terrorist cells.
But this was only the beginning. Threat of argument has been used to destroy any difference. Homosexuals. Transvestites. Neo-Nazis. Satanists. And that was just the beginning. Emo, Goths, Metals. Total absolutely persecuted, szczuto like animals. She came and turn to other religions. Christianity, specifically Roman Catholicism, has become the one true faith … The only valid faith. Contaminated at its source, unjust fire “faith” burned the Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Shintoists, Buddhists, and any other religion. Unnecessary and how great loss … Although the attacks did not seem to give way, on the contrary, every day of this purge, the attacks seemed to worsen, with more force and ferocity. Then governments have decided to cruellest solution. Humanity does not need many colors of skin … from now on will be the only color … white. Mexicans have been murdered, and the remnant of Indians living in reserves. Just persecuted blacks and Asians. In Africa, pranie dywanów wrocławtens of atomic bombs were dropped, ending at the same time the problem of hunger ..pranie dywanów wrocław  . Culture counting thousands of years old disappeared in the fire of the atom. Population which were allowed to survive for several years had to go to the shelters to radioactive fallout ceased to rage over the surface of the globe. Europe as the least affected by the atomic conflagration, became the center of a new world. It worked … The attacks ceased. Roundup of all people to shelters, however, had another purpose. During all the years erased all traces of cultural identity. All pranie dywanów wrocław works of art and monuments were destroyed. Instead, they erected houses … Transparent glass houses do not allow even a sense of privacy. People stunned because of years of hatred and chaos, they were unable to resist the new regime, the new government which prevailed. The new Christianity.
In each house in a central location has a black cross. All the people were obliged to pray three times a day. Religion classes were mandatory, and catechists, they got the right raw … very severely punish the disobedient. Awful, truly awful times were followed, although it seemed that after all, will not be worse. It was. It was much, much worse. Censorship was widespread. In the media, in pranie dywanów wrocław the press. All the information, all communication was dictated by the ecclesiastical pranie dywanów wrocław hierarchy. The costumes were strictly user specified hard letter of the law. Each symptom diffpranie dywanów wrocławerences cruelly punished, even if it was a ribbon to outfit a child … In this terrifying new world dominated by two colors. Gray and black. Clerical and secular black gray. Introduced uniformity of costumes, footwear, means of transport. Only those who have the right to stand out from the rest were priests. Due to the significant decline in population among the clergy, celibacy was abolishepranie dywanów wrocławd. Families clergy enjoyed a significantly greater privileges and permissions. The only person who can wear white, he was pope. The heapranie dywanów wrocławd of the church. Previous died … How to give out biased media … As a result of a heart attack. How was it really, probably never to find out. Repeatedly attempts to oppose such a state of things. In vain. Each glass house specialties had a ventilation tube directly onto the street. Guards with dogs every day checking whether their trained animals will pick their perfect noses smell even the slightest trace of any of the banned substances. All participants in the conspiracy were brutally murdered. Returned to the most cruel punishment exists in the Christian religion. Crucifixion. Crosses with the dying people standingpranie dywanów wrocław on the shoulders of many roads, and ravens and other carnivorous birds flock besieged each fined. Epranie dywanów wrocławxample – So called it the clergy. Hideous brutality – whispered among themselves people who after many years of slow, step-by-step self-consciousness returned. But they were not able to do anything. Possession of any illegal substance is equivalent to a crucifixion. The proclamation of the passwords on the right to difference, punishable by crucipranie dywanów wrocławfixion. Plans for any action against the church, punishable by crucifixion … And you try and possession of a coup … But even more terrible punishment threpranie dywanów wrocławatened … The culprit had to watch them die all the members of his family, one by one, without exception, old and young. Nailed to wooden beams, hanging from them, screaming in agony … And worst of all … devours alive by ravens … Only when all of his family were dead, was approaching the turn of the would-be assassin. He also was nailed to the cross, but it was not given to him to become a breeding ground for birds. Using special equipment he was alive, burned, toasted like a roast on a spit, or rather, log in the fireplace. This was done skillfully so that the condemned felt every second of his terrible agony. When it came to such a gruesome crime, people lose confidence, lose the residual amount of hope that they were able to collect. , Turned their backs to the glass walls not see these atrocities. Clogging pranie dywanów wrocław his ears not to hear the screams and tears of the victims, to not hear the screams scavenger birds. But despite this, the glass walls of their houses colored scarlet flames. Even so grateful. Although it heard. Despite this, they tried to live. They tried to … Survive. They sent their children to school, and are going to tell them and myself that it should be. That this must be … That is the only way to live in peace. Each dpranie dywanów wrocławay filled with gray. Each day full of crosses … People wanted change, wanted freedom, wanted to change the world conflagration swept. The sacred fire of purification that would bring former state of things. Allow for pranie dywanów wrocławdiversity and for real life. At work where they want to work. The use of colors. For … for everything that once was …
Every fire starts one little sparkpranie dywanów wrocław. One event can trigger changes. One small, seemingly insignificant event. It’s time for this event. It’s time for the spark that ignites the dried and dead hearts, time to spark that will ignite a fire in the bodies of all humans. Spark which in pranie dywanów wrocławreturn will change the face of the world!